Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My G4 is finished!

Notes/Alterations on my pack:

  • The pack weighs 15.0 oz. That is, 3 oz heavier than the instructions would suggest. I would guess this is a result of so much reinforcement on the seams and the extra pocket (see below).
  • I don't have any velcro on the pack whatsoever, even though the instruction call for it multiple times. I don't like velcro because it gets stuck to things (clothing), things get stuck to it (dirt), and it slowly wears out.
  • In lieu of velcroed access pockets in my shoulder straps and my waist belt, I stuck craft foam inside and sewed it permanently shut. I like the idea of using spare socks as padding, but couldn't get behind the idea of stashing different pieces of clothing inside my straps. What if I need my spare socks (while my socks are drying out in the mesh pocket), or my gloves? There goes my padding.
  • In every backpack I've owned, there's always been a small (or smallish) zippered pocket where I can stash smaller items that I don't want to be stuffed in a stuff sack risking it slipping to the bottom of my pack. So I created one on the G4. A cordura zippered pocket, approximately 6" x 4" for my headlamp, chapstick, purification tablets, first aid, lighter, and a few other things.
  • Approximate cost of my backpack was $50. $40 for the kit from quest outfitters, plus tax, a black zipper, and a giant 1000 yard extra spool of thread (I ended up reinforcing stress points a lot more than instructed, and I didn't want to switch to the alternate color thread quest provided). Other supplies I bought, but wouldn't consider in the cost of materials: a chalk pencil, seam ripper, tape measure, and sewing machine oil.
  • I did not sew any lashing loops into the bag, except for one on the bottom. I find daisy chains much more useful, and sewed quite a few on the top. I also put two opposite daisy chains on the bottom of the bag for strapping a larger sleeping bag or extra bed roll to the bottom. I never plan to strap the sleeping bag to the bottom, but have freqently ended up doing so.
  • You could definitely get away with the weight-saving mesh rather than the standard mesh. I was surprised to feel how rough and unflexible the standard mesh is. Would make for easier bunching on the outside pockets too.
Wanna make one yourself? Stop on over at quest outfitters and pick up a kit for yourself. I got the #9107 kit with the cordura. My only complaint was that my "silver gray" is definitely more blueish than their digital fabric swatch might suggest.

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